What it is

SignBOX is a high performance, enterprise-grade solution for automated digital signature of any type of file, document, transaction or online module. SignBOX is a turn-key system that can be easily integrated with any business application thanks to its high-level web API based on the http RESTful paradigm or its user-friendly connectors.

How it works

SignBOX is a server system exposing http RESTful APIs by means of which, business applications are enabled to require the digital signature (e-Seal) of e-documents batch. In addition, an SDK for the most widespread programming languages is available. The system provides options for several digital signature formats including raw signature and time stamping.

SignBOX comes with several input and output connectors to ease the integration with those business applications that cannot be easily customized to access APIs. An example of those is lightweight software client made available to monitor a specific folder as source for input documents.

For environments demanding high performance SignBOX can be coupled with a pool of SignBOX Optimizer, a virtualized machine performing the most computationally expensive workload of the signature process, thus reducing the data traffic on the local network and make the most of the cryptographic hardware acceleration.

Finally, signature keys can be stored on premises inside a signBOX security appliance endowed with HSM or remotely at the Bit4id Trusted Service Center.